Vital Voices Network: 5 funding and grant opportunities for 2017

Vital Voices recently announced 3 huge funding and grant opportunities. Here they are:
(1)    Investing in Your Big Idea: We encourage women who want to take on a bold new project, launch a new initiative, want to grow their impact or their own personal leadership, or have a collaboration idea with a fellow VV100 Member, to apply.
Vital Voices and Johnson & Johnson will work with ten VV100 women leaders who will receive intensive, individualized support; the most prominent element being year-long mentorship from senior Johnson & Johnson executives, as well as access to Johnson & Johnson company expertise.
PLEASE NOTE, you can already have begun doing this work but need further support. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO START A NEW PROJECT. This program will take place in November, 2017 in New York/New Jersey. For more details about the program please follow this linkApplications are due no later than AUGUST 31st.
(2)    Crowdsourced Capacity Building/Skills Based Training: We will convene 10-15 VV100 women leaders for a capacity building and networking program from October 8th – 12th in Brazil.
Network members interested in participating are asked to submit a proposal outlining the purpose and theme of the gathering in collaboration with AT LEAST ONE other network member.
We encourage you to be creative. Do you want skills based training in a particular area, do you want to build a cohort within VV100 around a specific issue are area or region?
We want your ideas and we want you to collaborate! PLEASE NOTE, this application is NOT intensive. We are looking for proposals that outline an idea or a concept.
You DO NOT need to create an entire program, agenda or curriculum. Johnson & Johnson will work closely with Vital Voices to engage experts at every level of the company from across the globe to provide expertise and support. For more details about the program please follow this linkApplications are due no later than AUGUST 31st.
(3)    Partner on a Proposal to NoVo Foundation: The NoVo Foundation has announced The Radical Hope Fund, an opportunity to fund creative ideas to solve critical challenges around injustice and systems breakdowns, with a focus on women and girls, and other marginalized communities.
Vital Voices will be submitting a proposal to build programming to support VV100 and the Global Leadership Network. We would love to do this WITH you!
If you have an idea for a project or initiative in your community with which you could partner with Vital Voices and/or the Network, please send it to us.
We obviously cannot promise that we can include everything but we will try our hardest to create broad categories of support to include as many as possible. Please see below for a list of areas of focus from NoVo Foundation.
·         Bringing communities together for cross-issue, cross-sectoral organizing that centers feminist leadership, including but not limited to policy advocacy campaigns
·         Global solidarity and transnational movement-building connecting issues and movements that are aligned in their purpose and vision
·         Leveraging the power of media, culture, and the arts to engage in storytelling and share ideas, moving hearts and minds for change, including creating new strategic platforms and collaboration between artists/culture-makers and movement organizations
·         Seeding experiments in building new structures and systems to propel us into a world that is oriented around interdependence, mutuality, and love rather than domination and extraction, with an emphasis on cultivating local, community-driven solutions
PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR IDEA TO VITAL VOICES BY SEPTEMBER 4th. Please submit answers to the following questions to
Please keep in mind the overall application is meant to be a concept note. We want your big idea and the concept for execution.
You do NOT need to submit a long, detailed proposal to VV. Each of your answers can be up to 200 words long. 
·         Name, country, organization you would use to implement project
·         Executive summary of your idea
·         Goals and intended outcomes
·         What challenges currently exist that makes this critical:
·         How long the project/initiative would last (up to 5 years)
·         General milestones
·         How VV and/or the Network would be involved and support.
·         Budget (broken down by year)
(4)    Network Leadership: Vital Voices will send applications to become a leader of the Global Leadership Network to represent issue areas, regions, technical Network needs and more. These leaders will be tasked with identifying needs, engaging the Global Leadership Network, strategizing with Vital Voices and more. In Spring/Summer, 2018, we will gather these Network Leaders to strategize the future of the VV Network. MORE TO COME SOON.
(5)    Ongoing Individual Support: Beyond the above programs, we will also offer individual support to each of you throughout the year. Each of you will be assigned a POC who will connect you to opportunities that advance your top goals for the next year. A member of the ISI team will reach out to you soon to discuss next steps around providing individual support. We are currently working with Johnson & Johnson to create opportunities for VV100 to seek needs-based support for personal and/or professional growth, organizational capacity and technical support. Johnson & Johnson is a global company with over 100,000 employees. They have expertise in every region of the world across sectors and industries. We are thrilled that they are opening up the company and all it has to offer to you as a core component of their employee engagement strategy.
 If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Vital Voices

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