Project Alert Partner with KIND to organize a program tagged Gender-Based Violence and women with disabilities.

Project Alert Partner with KIND to organize a program tagged Gender-Based Violence and women with disabilities.

Date: 18th & 19th of October 2017

The program was focused basically on creating awareness amongst CSOs on issues on Gender-Based Violence and how it affects Women with Disabilities; Networks and links mainstream CSOs organizers and Disabilities organization so that they work together to achieve their goals.

Mrs. Josephine of Project alert affirmed that NGOs cannot solve the problem of the masses alone but need to collaborate with other NGOs because each has its area of specialization.  Also, she mentioned people /organizations that are to tackle VAW with disabilities which are: Religious leaders, Traditional Leaders, the CSOs and Lagos state office of the Disabilities Affairs(LASODA)  since the programme would be carried out in Lagos State

Mr. Alejo Adegboyega the Deputy General Manager of LASODA commended the organizers for her roles in promoting actions of GBV against women with disabilities (WWDs) in Lagos State. LASODA was established by Lagos disability law in July 2011 to seek redress for PWDs and protect them against any form of violence or discrimination they may face in their communities.  LASODA is to work to achieve the following:

  • Organize sign language programme to sensitize the public/ PWDs i.e. teach them on how to communicate most especially the deaf.
  • Organized 500m empowerment fund for PWDs in the state and also invited them for a roundtable launch.
  • Registration of all PWDs; this will ensure proper quotation of data for better involvement e.g. Education, Free buses, free medical etc. the registered PWDs would be given blue badge, certificate of registration, ID Cards which will enable them to benefit from social services.

All NGOs that work with VAWG are advised to register their organizations with LASODA…. Registration requirements are as follows;

  • Must have a certificate of registration
  • Have updated audited accounts
  • Organization registration name and office
  • There must be a symbolic relationship i.e partake in the activities of LASODA, this will show the seriousness or commitment
  • Submission of report activities carried with PWDS
  • Registration period is 18months minimum, Maximum is 24 months

Mr. Alejo Adegboyega advised all partners and participants to go to LASODA website for more information and check the disabilities bill law passed in 2011 in Lagos state. A suggestion raised was that each organization should send at least one of their staff for sign language training organized by LASODA for proper implementation of programmes with PWDs.

Mr. David Anyaele the Executive Director of Centre for Citizens with Disabilities (CCD) gave a statistical analysis saying that people with disabilities is 2.32% in Nigeria and 60% of this figure is between 18 years and above. The sex distribution of PWDs; Male 52.5% while Female is 47.5%. In his presentation, he made it clear that World Bank and WHO report in 2011 stated that more than 1 billion persons in the world are living with disabilities. He said some part of the world believes that PWDs are SPECIAL PEOPLE, which is not true because we have the equal right since we are all SPECIAL. Some of the PWDs were not born with any form of disability; it may be Through an Accident, Illness and much more.


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