KIND officials visit schools involved in alleged rape case

Two program officers from KIND visited the two schools whose students were involved in the alleged Ikoyi gang rape;  Ireti Senior School and Falomo Senior Secondary school, on May 11, 2017.
The  principal of  Falomo senior school (the school whose girls were sexually molested) was not available for questioning, while that of Ireti school whose male students were accused of harassment and rape refused to talk about the issue. He denied its occurrence, saying it was neither his school nor his students.
According to him, his students are good, well behaved, and always come back with medals from competitions.
On sensing our hesitation to leave without answers, he directed us to the office of the Tutor General of their district (district 1), but not without first telling us that he does not have first hand information as the matter of concern didn’t happen within the school’s premises.
On getting to the Tutor General’s office, the secretary directed us to the office of the Deputy Governor of Lagos state, stating that’s where the case is being handled.
Although before meeting with the principal, we had overheard some teachers discussing updates on the  case. We found out that the case is already in court, and 5 male students who were accused of being the ring leaders have been arraigned in court  where they pleaded not guilty to the allegations.
They were subsequently granted bail, and the case was adjourned to 14th June, 2017.
Leaving the school’s premises, we spoke with some residents of the area and we were told that was not the first time such is happening around the school community. “Boys from both schools always harass the girls of  the schools after school hours.”
We will be in court on June 14, 2017 to follow up on the case.

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